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Please??!! Pet sitting allows your pet to stay in an environment they are familiar and comfortable with, where normal routines can be maintained. Happy-pet LLC offers in-home pet sitting for all types of pets - dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets, and other exotics. In addition to providing numerous services for our animal clients, we offer several "perks" that we hope are beneficial to our human Moms' and Pops'. These services include:

  • Watering plants, indoor or outdoor
  • Alternating lights and blinds to create a "lived-in" appearance
  • Trash and recycling bins in/out
  • Collecting your mail and newspapers
  • Purchase and delivery of pet supplies
  • E-mail or phone updates while you are away
  • Flexibility if your plans change
  • Customized solutions for your households' needs

In short, it is our responsibility to keep your pets safe and happy and your home secure while you are away. Your piece of mind, and the trust that you impart upon Happy-Pet LLC are valuable commodities that will be passionately coveted.

Our pledge to you and updated Happy-Pet policies >>

Daily Breaks & Pet Excursions:

Discounts available for regular daily customers based on frequency of use of our services

The Short Hop (AVAILABLE 10 am to 6 pm ONLY)
A 10-15 minute at home visit to provide a quick and refreshing "break" for your pet. $15.00

The Standard Visit
A 20 - 25 minute at home visit to provide fresh food and water, exercise and attention, daily grooming, and general pet clean-up. $19.00

Forty Minutes of Fun
A 40 minute at home visit to provide fresh food and water, tons of exercise and attention, daily grooming, and general pet clean-up. Keep your pet happy! $28.00

Overnight Services:

Fees are determined on an individual basis (Estimate: $55 per day).

Travel Service
While away on business or vacation travel, you can schedule 1 - 4 visits to break up your pets' day. Visits are 20 - 25 minutes long and include the following services:

  • Animal Care
  • Meals at regular times
  • Fresh H2O every visit
  • General pet clean up daily
  • Medication as needed
  • Plenty of exercise, love, and attention
  • Theft Deterrence
  • Mail & newspaper retrieval and stowage
  • Garbage and recycling removal
  • Alternating illuminated lights
  • Adjusting drapes and blinds daily
  • Plant watering - Inside and Out
  • E-mail or telephone updates on how your pet is doing

Overnight Sleepover
This service offers the same features as Travel Service with the added benefit of having the physical presence of someone in the home. $85 per night/day

Happy Pets

Pet Taxi:

This service provides "one-way" transport of your pet to or from any LOCAL veterinary hospital, groomer, kennel, or family friend. $26.00 Per Trip

The Round Trip
This service provides comprehensive care and companionship for your pet during a visit to a LOCAL veterinary hospital, or groomer. $40.00 Per Hour

Extra Stuff:

Bath Suds
This service provides you with a clean pooch or a pristine kitty. We will bathe, shampoo, condition, towel dry, and brush your pet.
- Bathing at your house with your supplies. $25.00
- Bathing off premise, soap and conditioner included. $40.00

Teeth and Ears
This service may be provided during a regular visit upon customer request. Ears will be swabbed with Q-tips or cotton balls, and teeth will be brushed with canine or feline specific toothpaste. $4.00

Poop Scoop & Litter Relief
Let us do the dirty work for you. This service includes the gathering and disposal of your pets' waste. Fees are determined on an individual basis.

Allow us to administer your pets medication, to include insulin shots. $2.50 Per Pet/Day

Multi-Pet Homes
If you harbor a "gang" of animal companions at your home, we will gladly provide equal amounts of attention, exercise, and companionship to all. After applying the initial fee for the service you have chosen, add $2.50 per additional pet.

Contact us about meeting with both you and your pets.

We offer free consultations in your home to best meet the needs of your family's companion animals. Upon meeting your pets, we will present you with references, proof of insurance, and bonding. We will review and complete your service contract and detailed information sheets (these will give us a history and instructions on caring for your pet). To save time, copies of these forms can be downloaded here:

If you choose to obtain the services of Happy-Pet LLC, we will obtain two house keys from you. Your comfort and trust in our service is important to us, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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